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The Hillwood Community Hub website provides a central point for information about the town of Hillwood, Tasmania. It is co-ordinated by the Hillwood Area Residents’ and Ratepayers’ Association (HARRA). Community Groups and Local Businesses in Hillwood can apply to have a page on the Hillwood Community Hub website. Blackbird Design Studio, a graphic design agency based in Hillwood, is assisting HARRA with the front-end management of their website. Note: this is a free service for community groups in Hillwood – a small fee applies for businesses.

Notice Board

Check back here for community updates! Get in touch through the ‘contact us’ page if you’d like to post something to the notice board.


Residents have recently noticed an increase in the amount of dog poo accumulating along some
Hillwood roads.  Dog walkers are reminded that it is both illegal and unhealthy to leave dog poo
behind when you take your dog out for a walk.

The George Town Council Dog Management Policy states that owners must, “ensure that you
remove your dog’s faeces from any public place, this includes off leash exercise areas including
beaches.” The full document is available here.

A poster about the health risks of dog poo can be found here.

Please do the right thing 🙂

Hillwood Community Get-together – Save the date

When: Football Club, Hillwood Jetty Road
When: 2:00 pm Sunday 24th September

A social event for residents and former residents of Hillwood. Please spread the word to other current and former residents of Hillwood, including the wider community at Mt Direction and Glen Road. Encourage new residents to come along and meet us!

Tea and coffee provided, and the Football Club bar will also be open. Just bring a plate of food to share for afternoon tea.

Suitable for all ages (Disabled access and plenty of room to play outdoors).

Any further notices about the event will be on the blackboards around Hillwood and here. Inquiries to Nancy Donnelly: 6394 8140 or 0431 613 484 or nancydonnelly@bigpond.com

Hope to see you there!

Ladies – time to look after yourself!
Breast screening is available in our municipality (George Town) from 11 to 29 September. To make an appointment, call 132050.

Is anyone out there interested in forming a Tennis Club? Anyone from Hillwood, The Glen, Mt Direction, Windermere, Dilston and Swan Bay would be most welcome. The Hillwood Progress Association Inc has taken responsibility for the tennis court in recent times. The fence was restored and a new net put in place. We have money in hand for further development. The Hillwood Progress Association would be happy to work with a new Club towards improvements such as a grant for a new surface.

Contact Lindsay Millar on 6394 8191 or Nancy Donnelly on 6394 8140.


  • Bell Bay Aluminium
    Bell Bay Aluminium supported Hillwood Area Ratepayers and Residents Association (HARRA) with a community grant which helped get this website up and running.
  • IT Solutions And Marketing
    IT Solutions And Marketing has proudly sponsored the hosting of the Hillwood Community Hub website for HARRA, and was instrumental in developing the website for us.
  • Blackbird Design Studio
    Blackbird Design Studio, based in Hillwood, is donating time and expertise to compile and update information on this website, liaise with the website host, and to assist Hillwood groups and businesses who wish to have a page on the website.