What HARRA does:

The HARRA committee meets regularly to discuss the needs of Hillwood residents and ratepayers and how they might be met.  HARRA organises community events such as sausage sizzles and car boot sales, and delivers the Smoke Signals newsletter to letterboxes six times a year after it is published. HARRA can advocate for the interests of Hillwood to George Town Council or other organisations. Where there is a contentious local issue (such as land development in recent times), HARRA does not take sides but may help to bring information together (for example by holding a forum) so that locals can be informed and make up their own minds. HARRA has a facebook page to keep residents up to date with local matters such as meetings and community events. You are welcome to suggest posts for the facebook page on any topic which is in the public interest in Hillwood (e.g. Lost and found, news about non-profit events in Hillwood, information about Hillwood road closures and traffic hazards).

Mission Statement

The Hillwood Area Residents’ and Ratepayers’ Association Inc. (HARRA) was formed in November 2009 by a small group of concerned ratepayers. Certificate of Incorporation was granted on 27 November 2009 under the Associations Incorporations Act 1964, by the Assistant Commission for Corporate Affairs.

The Hillwood Area Residents’ and Ratepayers’ Association Inc. seeks to actively promote the community’s right to be consulted on and to participate in all areas of governance and planning as a separate, independent, non-political body of residents and ratepayers in the Hillwood area of the George Town Municipality by:

  • Providing a strong, independent avenue for residents and ratepayers to have their voices heard on matters affecting their governance at the local and all other levels of government.
  • Acting in the best interest of all ratepayers and residents in the Hillwood area of the Municipality of George Town.
  • Creating a network, facilitating communications, co-operations and support among ratepayers and residents, community groups and Council within the Hillwood Area.
  • Functioning as an educational body and to disseminate information on issues and processes affecting or concerning Hillwood and surrounding areas.
  • Working for equity for ratepayers and residents throughout the Hillwood Area.
  • Working for accountability in the administrative process of the municipality of George Town, all tiers of Government and other relevant bodies.
  • Working for improved democratic process and public participation in local government.
  • Providing a strong voice and raising relevant community issues with appropriate planning authorities and bodies.
  • Holding events and forums of interest to the General Public.

Committee Meetings

If you would like to raise any matters for the committee to discuss, please contact Alf (0438 948 251) or contact HARRA via the Contact Us page.

Keep an eye on the HARRA facebook page for HARRA public meetings and other events, or just ask us what is coming up.

Committee Members 2018-2019

  • President – Stephanie Legg England
  • Vice President – Alf Waters
  • Treasurer – Carolyn Smith
  • Secretary – Vacant
  • Ven Grollmus – General Committee Member
  • Ellie Atkinson – General Committee Member

Rules of the Association

If you would like a copy of the HARRA rules, please contact us.