Hillwood Progress Association INC.

The Hillwood Progress Association works with George Town Council to look after the Hillwood War Memorial Hall and improve areas for recreation, other local facilities and infrastructure in Hillwood.  The Association is a not for profit community group, partly funded by council and partly by funds raised by the Association through community events around Hillwood.

New members are welcome to join ($5 membership) and come along to learn what we do.  We will need replacements for some of the older members eventually!

We meet once every two months, on the first Monday of the month (subject to a bit of variation).  Some of the meetings are open to the public and some are for the committee only.  Please get in touch with the secretary to confirm the time and venue if you are interested in attending the next public meeting.

Contact Details – Secretary Nancy Donnelly – nancydonnelly@bigpond.com – phone 6394 8140




Hillwood War Memorial Hall

The Hillwood Progress Association collaborates with the George Town Council to ensure that the Hillwood War Memorial Hall meets the needs of the community.  For example, at the request of the Association, George Town Council upgraded the toilets at the hall in mid-2018.  Also an initiative of the Hillwood Progress Association, George Town Council has allocated funds in the 2018-2019 budget to improve the acoustics in the hall.

Egg Island Point Reserve

This land was first seen by Europeans, Bass & Flinders, in 1798.  Egg Island Point is part of an area of land between Craigburn Road and the river, stretching from approximately Ridge Street to the Craigburn Boundary (where the sealed road ends), which was reserved in c1840 “for use by the Community”of the township of Dorchester and noted on titles of the area as never to be sold. Over many years, it has been known as “The Point”, “Hickie’s Point”, “Picnic Point” and, after being taken over by Crown Lands, “The Egg Island Point Coastal Reserve”.

Egg Island Point Reserve is one of the few public access points to the Tamar River within 25 km of Launceston.  It was a community-maintained reserve for many years, with a history of picnicking and other recreational use for over a hundred years, but in 1985 the management of the area was taken over by Crown Lands and Parks.  The Hillwood Progress Association is keen to ensure that this area continues to be well maintained and accessible to the public, preserving its scenic value as a wooded reserve while also maintaining open areas for picnics and other enjoyment.

Government agencies and the traditional community managers of the reserve sometimes have different approaches to matters such as control of undergrowth and weeds, management of dead trees and access to grassed areas and waterfronts.  The Hillwood Progress Association is involved in regular discussion and liaison with the Crown Land Services and Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service to resolve issues such as fire hazard reduction, reducing the danger of falling trees, restoring beach areas which have been eroded or otherwise damaged, boat access to the water, and provision of amenities for the public.

The Hillwood Progress Association needs permission from the relevant government agencies in order to conduct any works at the reserve, such as the installation of picnic tables.

As a major project of the Hillwood Progress Association, the sandy beach at Egg Island Point Reserve was restored by the Association in 2014 with the help of local residents, after incursion of rice grass had caused the beach to deteriorate and lose its sand.

Craigburn Road Reserve (opposite Ridge St)

After a long period of negotiation with George Town Council, the Hillwood Progress Association gained permission for the community to lease the area of grassed Crown Land bounded by Craigburn Road, Hillwood Jetty Road and Egg Island Creek (opposite Ridge Street) for recreation purposes.

The area is now open for public use, such as walking, horse riding, walking dogs or bike riding. There is the potential for an area to be fenced off to create an off-lead dog-exercise area.  No 4WD or trail bikes, please.

The current access is off Craigburn Road, east of Ridge street. When funds are available, a new entrance will be constructed.

Boat Ramps

The existing Boat Ramp at Egg Island Point was built in 1961 by a Launceston Water Ski Group.  It is not useable at low tide or in strong South East gales.

The Hillwood Progress Association are working with MAST (Marine and Safety Tasmania) to investigate the provision of a low tide ramp.  The only other vehicle access to launch a small boat in our area is over the beach on the Western side of the point which has been used for over 80 years.  Crown Lands have now blocked this access.

The Hillwood Progress Association are negotiating with Crown Lands to have this access re-opened.  With the removal by MAST of the low tide ramp at Craigburn on the basis of safety, if the Egg Island ramp is not useable, we now have no alternative area to launch a rescue boat if needed.  Safety for river users is therefore currently compromised.

Foreshore Walking Track

The Hillwood Progress Association is keen to promote the development of a walking track along the Tamar foreshore between Hillwood Pontoon Reserve and Egg Island Point Reserve.  A foreshore walking track was included in the Hillwood Structure Plan released in 2016, but funding for the track still needs to be found from George Town Council and supplementary sources.

Community History and Archive Room

Having accumulated a wealth of historical documents about Hillwood at the time of the 50th anniversary of the Hillwood War Memorial Hall, the Hillwood Progress Association has begun developing a history room in the hall.  Due to a generous Grant from Temco, a compactus has been acquired and volunteers will be used to help sort through and prepare the documents for archiving and display.

Tennis Court

An amount of $650 is held in trust for improvements to the Tennis Court (located behind the Hillwood Football Club rooms) and towards the establishment of a Tennis Club.  The Hillwood Progress Association would be supportive of a club being formed to work towards the future use of the Court.  Please contact the secretary if you are interested.

Community Fund

The Hillwood Progress Association has a Community Fund which was established as an emergency fund to assist local residents in need.

Community Events

ANZAC DAY – A sub-committee of the Association organises an ANZAC Day service and breakfast each year.  More information can be found here.

The Hillwood Progress Association also organises other community events or collaborates with other local community groups for events such as Clean-up Day and Boneseed Eradication, car boot sales and community afternoon teas.