Meditation Centre

Hillwood Road Meditation Skills Centre
Not just for meditators…

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An idyllic setting – a small meeting centre beside a creek, surrounded by hobby farms in a small country town close to the Tamar River in the quiet beauty of North-east Tasmania.
This is a place where anyone is welcome to drop in and enjoy the surroundings, learn about our community or talk to the chaplain ​- an accredited meditation teacher and therapist.

Nothing is too embarrassing, too weird, too difficult or too trivial to seek help.
Whatever is bothering you, we can help to put you on the right track.

Loneliness, isolation, stress, shyness, lack of confidence, lack of direction, grief…
Anxiety, depression, PTSD…
About half of us have mental illness at some time or another.

Soul-searching, guilt, paranormal experiences, spiritual questions . . .
About half the population believes in God and about half the population believes in supernatural experiences, so let’s talk about these things too.

OPEN for drop-in visitors 10-12 daily from 8th February 2017.

Come as you are.

  • Drop in
  • Settle into an armchair or sofa
  • Think, read, space out
  • Talk to Stephanie about your worries
  • Attend a meeting
  • Enrol in a course
  • Arrange a seminar for your group or workplace


  • Counselling
  • “Letting Go” Therapy
  • One-to-one Instruction in Meditation
  • Ceremonies
  • All Purpose Meditation Group
  • Meditation & Philosophy Group
  • Introduction to Meditation
  • Advanced Meditation / Teacher Training
  • Special Time (Quality of mind for those with special needs)
  • Seminars or workshops for your group or workplace
    Bring your group to this lovely setting or we can come to you.
    We can cover a wide range of mental health and personal development topics.

Visit our website for the latest prices and meeting times.

Pop in or get in touch:

Open: 10am – 12pm daily (starting 8th February, 2017)
Address: 362 Hillwood Road, Hillwood, 7252
Phone: 0439 070 593